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Monday, December 13, 2010

where i live - cebu, philippines

mission: MUSE - where i live
by guest muse mabel

Enchanting Kawasan


I am a true-blooded Cebuana and a proud one at that. I was born and raised in Cebu, one of the 7,000++ islands in the Philippine archipelago. I live in a tropical country where the sun shines brightly in most days and where it rains every now and then. 

The weather may be unpredictable at times, but I love it here because life is not as fast paced as Manila (the nation's capital), but neither is it too laid back. It's a great combination of a modern and an islander lifestyle. My hometown is already a bustling metropolis where IT industries, manufacturing companies, and export processing zones are continually emerging. But after a day's work, my hometown offers a place to relax and enjoy life. 

Moody Sunrise

When I was growing up, I tend to neglect the beauty of the place I live. I always dream of visiting foreign countries where the place is beautiful and full of life as depicted in several postcards. Now that I had traveled to other places here and abroad, I realized that it's about time to rediscover my hometown. I shouldn't be a stranger in my own place, right?

Souvenir from Home

Home is Calling

Armed with my gears, I had my own photo walk and saw the place from the eyes of a tourist. I am proud to say that my hometown boasts of pristine beaches, hand-crafted souvenirs/products made of indigenous materials, colorful festivals, and beautiful sunsets/sunrises. 
Thank you for visiting where I live.

mabel entica of artsybelle and flickr

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  1. oooh now i am mising home a lot! not fair! but you know what!? i am glad to see these photos...i miss cebu so so much and i plan to go back april of next year - so how about a photo walk!?!
    wonderful photos and nice seeing you here at mortal muses bel ;)

  2. i needed that blast of color on a dreary day. looks beautiful!

  3. I am just going to stare at these warm pictures as the cold front moves in today. :)

  4. Cebu just moved WAY up on my places to see list. Beautiful

  5. Wohooo...just opened my reader and found this. Thanks Tammy. I hope to meet you Kristine, I admire your creativity and the photos you take. Thanks to Mortal Muses.

  6. What a beautiful place! And great shots. Would love to join in and share where I live - theclipcafe@yahoo.com.au :-)

  7. Just what I needed to see on this grey winter day here in Switzerland!
    Viele Gruesse, Kristina