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Monday, February 7, 2011

what inspires you?: austin-lee

mission: MUSE - "what inspires you?"
by guest muse austin-lee

Inspiration is such a multi-faceted thing. Sometimes it comes to you gently like a breeze, a little whiff of something leading you down a road that gets your heart beating faster, excited with possibilities. Other times it almost knocks you down, like a river that you just need to go with.. There are few things in my life that inspire me more than my babies. From the moments they were born, they've knocked me down with the love I feel for them, and inspired me to hold their sweet faces captured in pictures forever.

Sometimes inspiration comes from unexpected little places for me. You catch a glimpse of something out of the corner of your eye...like a leaf or a flower, the way the light is falling across someone's face, a vibrant color that you don't want to forget. Often times I'm inspired to document the sweet memories we are making each day with little dog ears called photographs. Ordinary moments that might slip by unnoticed if you didn't catch them just in time.

Inspiration is a blessing. People need and crave it. I think it's also something that can and should be shared. It gives us hope and moves us forward. Keeps us from being sedentary in our souls and helps us grow. So often I'm thankful for, and inspired by, the hard work, the sights seen, the words penned by people around me. By sharing what they feel and see with others, others are inspired to see and feel. It's a wonderful gift that we can set the soul of someone else on a creative journey...my hope for what inspires me is that it will, in turn, inspire someone else.

Austin Lee Barron of Bunch of Barrons
flickr: http://www.flickr.com/photos/envoutant/


"what inspires you?" is the the second mission of mission: MUSE series.
You may submit an entry to mortalmuses {at} yahoo.com.
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  1. This is so wonderful, and I feel the same way about inspiration. The photos are magnificent...thank you so much for sharing them. :)

  2. Goodness, these are such wonderful words and the pictures. Wow! That second picture is just so very lovely.

  3. Such beautiful words to go with amazing photos. I too am inspired by those everyday ordinary moments that may slip by unnoticed.

  4. Great post! Words of wisdom and beautiful photos.

  5. Such beautiful shots and equally beautiful words. Your post itself is an inspiration!

  6. great post! love the photos and your words =)

  7. Thanks for posting this! And for all the sweet comments! :)

  8. Such beautiful words. I love her photos so much!

  9. Great post, Austin. And I'll take inspiration whatever way it choose to come - I love your description of it coming soft as a whiff of air and other times knocking us down!

  10. Oh so pretty! LOVE those little hands at the end. I ahve had so little time to comment lately but made a point tonight. Really lovely!