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Thursday, February 10, 2011

what inspires you? - lindsey

mission: MUSE - "what inspires you?"
by guest muse lindsey garrett
I take photos every day...WILLINGLY!! I will admit it I may be a tad bit obsessed with the whole thing and I blame it on my 5D. Since the addition of my first full frame last May I have filled up two external hard drives soon to be three. As I go from point A to point B in my perpetual rush having a camera reminds me to STOP and take the time to expand and enjoy the moments. Inspiration surrounds me and I find that I really don't have to look very far to see it.

Being a mother of two who works from home I have a limited amount of free time to roam. I shoot primarily in bursts and on the fly. I may be grocery shopping, pulling out of the driveway or just sitting in my front yard (butterfly). Exploring my own backyard and rescuing critters gives me a chance to capture so many natural treasures.

I am drawn to color and detail.

Surrounded by constant noise and activity I use my photography to create a world where there is simplicity and order.

Food and cooking is another source of great inspiration.

I spend hours in the kitchen with my ingredients and my camera. Be prepared if you come to my house I'll make you wait before you can have that first bite.

Cedar Plank Salmon

LIFE is sweet

Zov's Cupcakes

Nothing makes me more happy than when I successfully plate, photograph and devour my culinary creations.

My famous Tiramisu.

heaven on a plate

And on the days when I feel more relaxed and in the moment I find shoot more candidly.


Morning light makes me so happy.

ms. green eyes

when the rain never stopped

Light directs my attention to the little details reminding me that I need not look ahead so much but look around.

kitchen table

Life may be short but it is also very WIDE.

Thank you for having me muse with you. 
xo Linz

Lindsey Garrett lives in Southern California with her husband, two kids and her bipolar cat. When she is not busy stalking her favorite rockstars on twitter Lindsey chronicles her life on her blog the modchik. Over the past year her blog has become a platform from which she launched her photography business specializing in event and food photography. Her work can also be found in her ETSY store and OC Family where she writes a weekly photo blog featuring photo tips and prompts.


"what inspires you?" is the the second mission of mission: MUSE series.
You may submit an entry to mortalmuses {at} yahoo.com.


  1. So glad to make your acquaintance Lindsey - your images are STUNNING. And I'm surprised there are no forks hovering in those food shots (or noses).

  2. Amazing photos! I love your post too - reminds me I can definitely do more when it comes to shooting every day.

  3. Thank you for musing with us Lindz! Wonderful photos and words. xo tam

  4. It's so great to meet you Lindsey! I am completely taken by your images. Can't wait to see more of your work. :-)
    ~ Rebecca

  5. love the photos! especially the one of the tiramisu ♥ yum!!!

  6. Exceptional captures! Thanks for sharing your world. What time did you say dinner was being served?

  7. Some really great shots here. I especially love the black and white one of the cat on the table.

  8. thank you everyone so happy to be here in the company of such creative women. I can't tell you how hard it was to pick and choose what to share here. Funny how much our work evolves so quickly too!

  9. You did a great job with this essay and the images.....ohhhhh love the morning light kitty ones.....love. :)