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Friday, November 19, 2010

where i live - baltimore, md, usa

mission: MUSE - "where i live"
by guest muse bridget

My husband and I have lived many places--first in sunny San Diego, college in rural Idaho, then on the Kansas prairie, and in the high deserts of Arizona.  However, when we had a chance to move to Maryland to a small, quiet, woodsy suburb of Baltimore, I knew I was in familiar country.

From where we live its easy for my husband to commute, we are close the area where I grew up in Southern Pennsylvania, and are also near my family who resides in Philadelphia.  There is a permanence and familiarity here that I love--the definitive seasons, the bright foliage in autumn, the solid-looking older homes and buildings.  We chose this area for that established feeling--our home like many in the area is almost 90 years old, in contrast to other parts of Maryland with very new construction.  The neighborhood is quiet and peaceful, with many longtime residents mixed in with families and children.  I love providing that sense of security for our six children, and I hope they develop fond memories of the ambiance here.

Being in close proximity to the Chesapeake Bay, the water influences much of the leisure activities and cuisine in this part of Maryland.  Seafood and recreation on the Chesepeake are definately parts of the culture here, and during the right times of the year steamed crabs and lump crab cakes are a local obsession.   Besides the shopping district and docks in the Inner Harbor in Baltimore, there are many smaller cities and towns on the coasts and islands in the bay.

Further inland, the local area outside Baltimore is heavily forested with a mix of everything from sprawling suburbs to communities dating from the mid eighteenth century.  One local landmark that I enjoy visiting is Ellicott City, which features lovely stone construction dating from its heyday as a railway hub for the Baltimore and Ohio Railway (B & O).  I love the details on these buildings; rows of solid and well maintained homes and businesses possessed of a charm that more modern buildings just cannot replicate.

There are many narrow alleys and winding streets, which seems like another country in comparison to the shopping malls and four lane highways a few miles away on the Washington-Baltimore corridor.   Coming here reminds me of an earlier, less hectic time, and is just one example of the beautiful architecture that make interesting subjects on weekend outings.

Living here is an interesting mix of these factors--modern conveniences a few minutes in any direction, the wonderful old neighborhoods and great old architecture, and the culinary and recreational opportunities created by the Chesapeake.   This wide variation also creates a diverse environment to make memories for my family, and lots of great subjects to shoot!

Thanks for visiting us where I live.  Please stop by my blog anytime.

Bridget of  "and miles to go before we sleep."


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  1. where you live looks so incredibly beautiful, what a wonderful place to bring up children. A wonderful post.

  2. Great post, Bridget, and lovely photos as always. I've been to Baltimore a couple times and loved the Inner Harbor.

  3. yay! baltimore! i was born there, lived around there until i was 7, and go back frequently to visit family. it is a wonderful mix of urban grit surrounded by beautiful countryside and vibrant neighborhoods. each time i go back i feel like i'm home. your photos capture it beautifully.

  4. Gorgeous! What an amazing place to live

  5. I have lived on the Eastern seaboard my whole life but have never been to Baltimore. It looks lovely. Thank you for sharing your home with us. ♥ tam

  6. thank you greatly for the opportunity to show you where I live. Baltimore definitely has a lot of history and lots of places I still have not been to.


  7. What a fantastic post!!! I hope to see some of this some day, as you are one of my internet friends who are on my "meet in real life someday" list :-D

  8. wow a gorgeous little place to lay your head at night! you are so blessed.

  9. What a beautiful place to live. And your photos are wonderful. I really love the sailboat photo.
    Thanks for sharing where you live, and musing with us.