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Sunday, November 7, 2010

where i live - germany

I live in the west of Germany very close to the border of France. I grew up in a little town and now live in a slightly bigger town. This is where my heart lies. In open spaces like this

I love to walk with my dogs through the fields and woods and discouver the beauty. I like to throw them a ball to catch at an open grass field. They love it too.
I will take you now on a little trip through the city and it's buildings.
We have a lot of old buildings but new ones too. You can find rusty old fences, neat little shops and the most delishious food.
I feel at home here. I feel safe and protected. Simply, I heart my hood!

The nature that surrounds my city is beautiful too and in a very close walking distance you can walk out of the city and be on the most wonderful spaces on earth.
Especially for a girl who likes nature as much as me.
 Even the night can be beautiful.
I hope you enjoyed the trip around my city :)

Love, Suki


  1. Gorgeous photos Suki! You know I was looking forward to this one. Thank you for the glimpse into where you live. xo Tam

  2. i love the photos. and that cute little cake looks delicious! i'm hungry now :) i want to visit you someday! *hugs*

  3. Lovely to see where you live and read your story. Beautiful surroundings. You can see horizons. That must feel so free and open.

  4. I love these posts! So interesting to see where everybody is from.
    Gorgeous shots as always Suki :D

  5. Wonderful photos and what you wrote really gave a glimpse of the good things that surround you. : )

  6. great shots! love seeing a little more of where you live.

  7. Lovely Suki, great pictures that really capture where you live.

  8. Suki - your city is amazing! Another place to add to my "must visit" list.