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Monday, November 22, 2010

where i live - manayunk, pennsylvania, usa

mission: MUSE - "where i live"
by guest muse holly

Manayunk is a neighborhood in the Northwest city limits of Philadelphia, and I’ve been living here in between travels for the past 12 years. Originally a mill town built up a hill, Manayunk is an eclectic mix of renovated warehouses and row homes intermixed with new construction, imposing power lines, old railway paths and corner parks.

I live in a 107 year old worker home that is big on charm even if it is a little quirky. Like how there isn’t a straight line in the whole house. Or how the whole block seems to be sinking into the ground! Here is the view down my street.

Living in a neighborhood that is over 100 years old means there are many nooks and crannies to explore. You never know what might be around the corner.

When I first decided to move here, I was drawn to the idea of having Fairmount Park, the largest intercity park system in the United States, at my fingertips. I’m just a five minute walk to the historic Manayunk Canal with its bike and walking path connecting Center City Philadelphia all the way out to Valley Forge National Park. We can often be found here walking our dog Major.

Although we live in an urban setting, one of the things I love most about my neighborhood is the ability to have a garden and to grow flowers, veggies and herbs! I get to indulge my green thumb for three seasons out of the year, and dream about what to plant next all winter long.

In fact, in the summertime, our garden is a little paradise and an outdoor extension of our home.

I also love that from my front doorstep, Main Street is only a short walk away. I can go shopping, get a cup of coffee or go grab a bite to eat.

After all Manayunk technically means “the place one goes to drink.” And with over 30 restaurants and bars, you can be sure there is a lot of drinking to be had, although I think watering their horses is what the original natives had in mind!

I hope you’ve enjoyed the tour around my neighborhood. Thank you for stopping by to visit. Cheers!

Holly- soupatraveler on flickr


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  1. Great post. I went to college outside Philly and remember going to Manayunk once. I love that photo of your garden.

  2. wow, this is great. Thank you for allowing us to take a glimpse into your life. beautiful.

  3. I would love to have all of those conveniences right at my fingertips and to be able to garden as well! Lucky you.

  4. A wonderful tour of your neighborhood. And great photos.

  5. It's the great thing about Philly there are so many neighborhoods that are so unique. Your photos really give a good feel for the place. I love the hills and the compact workers houses almost like houses I saw in the valleys of Wales.

  6. Holly, this series is stunning! I really enjoyed this one. Your town is beautiful and your work here inspiring! :) xx

  7. Holly { Soupatraveler }November 24, 2010 at 12:01 PM

    Thanks ladies! Due to some internet issues, as in not having any for the past few days, I'm just getting to see this now! Thanks so much!!!! It was a perfect surprise for me after the internet tech left my house this morning. : )

  8. Holly, this is such a beautiful series of pictures. And you clearly SO love your home town, which makes it all the more lovely!

  9. Hey Holly thank you for the lovely walk through one of my favorite spots in Philadelphia!

    We never seem to have time for ambles around Manayunk when we visit Grandmom, but one of these we'll just have to make some! And then a drink or two in one of those pubs of yours.

  10. Great post, Holly! "The place one goes to drink" sounds like the perfect place to me :) Gorgeous shots - your love for your neighbourhood shines through.

  11. RiaPereira (Maria Pereira)November 24, 2010 at 10:01 PM

    Love the post Holly! great shots and thanks for sharing a small slice of your life.

  12. what a great way to learn more about the corners of the world. thank you for sharing :)

  13. I see why you like it there! Such a beautiful capture of your neighborhood. That walk by the canal must give you so much inspiration for your gorgeous pictures. Thanks for the mini Philly vacation!

  14. Wonderful post. It looks like such a fun place to live. Your photos are just gorgeous also. You have made the everyday so interesting and beautiful.
    Thanks for musing with us.

  15. journeyswithasimplegirlNovember 28, 2010 at 1:05 AM

    Dear Holly, this was a fantastic journey! Thank you for sharing your corner of the world with us all.

  16. This is great, Holly! So glad to see you here and see all your neighborhood photos and their descriptions together. I really enjoyed this.