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Monday, November 1, 2010

where i live - northern california, usa

mission: MUSE - "where i live"
by muse mosey

Where I currently live is across the continent from where I was born and raised.  When I think of "home", part of me stretches eastward to my first home and my family who still reside there.

But I have a second home and when I'm anywhere else, my soul stretches to be back here as well.  I don't live in San Francisco proper, but am within easy reach for a night out, or an afternoon trip to one of my favourite museums.

golden gate surfers

And no, I most decidedly do not surf in those chilly, great-white infested waters.  But walking by San Francisco Bay with the smell of salt in my nose, the bracing sea wind tangling my hair and the fog sweeping past like a damp wave through the warm air is like nothing I'd ever experienced until I moved here.

Neither do I hurtle down bumpy mountain biking trails at breakneck speed across the Bay in the county where (apparently) the birth of mountain biking took place a quarter century ago.  

market street don't be fooled

But I love being able to spend a morning in the picturesque streets of the city, and an afternoon soaking in the peaceful surroundings of Muir Woods.  Not that I ever actually do it, but I could.

fence in grass tawny hills

I do love to hike with my husband and daughter on the tawny hills of Mount Tamalpais, some days blasted with heat while we look down on the fog enshrouding the base of the mountain and the ocean for as far as you can see, some days blown sideways by shrieking winds, and some days calmed by gentle breezes and the call of coyotes.

dock and fog tug and fog

When schedules permit, or when we choose to ignore them altogether, I pick my daughter up from school and we go to our nearest marina to look at boats, spot seals, and collect mussel shells.

snow trails upstaging half dome

And if by chance, even with all that surrounding us, we are in need of escape, we throw drinks and sandwiches and maybe some jammies in the back of the car and head for the hills - the real hills of the Sierra Nevada where we never fail to be rejuvenated.

I have two homes.  When I'm not in one, I'm homesick for the other.
Grateful?  You bet.

Looking forward to seeing where all of YOU live.



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  1. it sounds such a great place to live and when you can just escape at the end of the day it sounds even more perfect. Lovely shots here too.

  2. sigh... this is so beautiful and brings back some great memories for me, too!

  3. beautiful! I've had the pleasure of visiting there once, and I will never forget what a beautiful place it is.

  4. o kim, each of your photos bring back that gorgeous california aura -- i lived there many years ago, but have family not far from you. beautiful!

  5. Amazing photos. It sounds like a wonderful place to live, so diverse.

  6. What wonderful pictures--and you captured so much in your post as well. Yes, that is the price one pays for having two homes in one's heart.

  7. If I were to move to one other place in the US it would be just exactly where you live...:)

  8. This an absolute gorgeous place to be. With all a person need: city, sea, nature. Another paradise!

  9. Beautiful photos of one of my favorite places.

  10. Holly {soupatraveler}November 1, 2010 at 1:17 PM

    wonderful post, the love you feel for your new home shines through the photos!

  11. Gorgeous photos Kim, I love seeing where you live!

  12. a beautiful description and lovely photos!

  13. I love being related to mosey and getting to visit and stay in her other home - one of my favourite places in the world.

  14. Lovely! One of my favorite places. Thanks!