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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

what inspires you? - cara

mission: MUSE - "what inspires you?"
by guest muse cara


If I had to pick one word to describe what inspires me it would be moments. Those moments that go by so fast that you can’t get back…unless, you take a picture. I love to look back at a picture and remember what was going on, how I felt and why I took the photo.


I remember that it was snowing our second round of 20 inches and the power was out. We had heat from the fireplace and light from the kitchen doors. We played cars in the living room near the heat and never changed out of our pajamas. Seeing him intently playing with the sun behind him made me run for the camera.


I will never forget the time I took Nicolo to the doctors and he refused to get off the floor. The doctor was kind enough to actually get down on the floor and examine him there.

The first time I captured the smile on my son’s face I was hooked. I then tried to take as many pictures of that beautiful face as I could. It took a while for me to realize that your subject doesn’t always have to be looking at the camera or be their face for that matter to be a portrait. Some of my favorite photos don’t show the subjects face at all.


We were in Yosemite National park and here it was okay for them to pick up rock and throw them in the water. I remember how Nicolo could have stayed and threw rocks for hours if we would have let him.


I remember picking the boys up from school and having a snack at the picnic table, I like how even though you can’t see their faces you know they are brothers.

I am also inspired by moments in nature; I fell compelled to capture them. The early morning dawn is one of my favorite times of the day and the hardest for me to get the chance to capture. When I do I am never disappointed and never forget the moment.

Mar 23 2010_6753

These webs only look like this at dawn when the dew has not yet burned off, I had to put on boots to walk in knee high grass to capture this, but totally worth it.


The light in the picture lifts my spirit every time I look at it and I remember stopping on my way to work, with the kids, to capture it. Best reason in my book to be late.

So I will continue to capture the moments as I see them and cherish the memories they will bring.

~ Cara of I Miei Due Bambini


"what inspires you?" is the the second mission of mission: MUSE series.
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  1. What beautiful warm and interesting photos. I love the perspective you use when taking photos of your sons. What a unique and lovely record of their every day life.
    Thank you for sharing your inspiration and the beautiful moments in your world with us.

  2. What a beautiful post Cara! I love how you know the story from each picture. I remember things like that as well :)

  3. every single photo does tell a story and some of the same reasons i love taking photos. to capture a moment in time and never forget it. beautiful post.

  4. Cara,

    You're doing a great job of capturing those fleeting moments.

  5. Thats what its all about. Capturing those fleeting moments and you did a fabulous job on not only freezing the moment but displaying it beautifully.

  6. Beautiful words and beautiful photos - thank you!

  7. great post from the heart. ditto jill & jesse that the story is so clear in each image. fleeting moments are tough for me - i feel like i can never react fast enough or i'm never prepared or haven't anticipated enough to capture the really fleeting moments. you've done a terrific job at this. thanks so much for sharing!

  8. Ohhh Cara so beautiful I could stare at hat stalk of wheat for an eternity thank YOU for the little bit of inspiration today!

  9. Thank you Cara for being my MUSE today. Such a delightful post and snapshot of your life. xo Tam

  10. I so enjoyed your post Cara! Thanks for sharing your words and wonderful images - I particularly got a kick out of Nicolo on the floor! Looks like you were down there too!

    Best regards,

  11. Can I just say Thank You to Tammy for letting me share this with all of you! I also want to say thank you for all the beautiful comments, I mean I have been seriously touched. I love taking pictures and love to share it with everyone!

  12. great pictures and narrative......love it!!
    love all muses

  13. Thanks you for such a happy inspiring article! Lovely warm photos!

  14. Just love your photos, especially of your boys. But that last one is really special as well. The light and colours are sublime.

  15. Oh Cara! You are truly an inspiration, my friend. You really do have a way of captuing a moment that tells a story. I appreciate your words and photos in every post, but seeing you featured here makes me recognize the artist in you more than ever. A beautiful, wonderful artist. <3

  16. Moments. How very truly perfect.

  17. I love these shots and your inspiration because it makes each photo so personal. There is a story behind each of your shots which in turn gives them emotion and reaches out to the viewer. Thank you for sharing!

  18. these shots are so lovely! it is nice that just by the photos you can tell the emotions and even the weather that day =)