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Wednesday, January 5, 2011

where I live – south east england, uk

mission: MUSE - "where i live"
by guest muse laura

I feel very lucky to live in this part of England. There are so many wonderful places to visit. These are some of my favourites, all within an hour’s drive of my home.

London, the Capital. It’s full of great shops, bars and restaurants. Most importantly it’s full of history, culture and scenic sights. During the summer my husband and I regularly take a train into London and stroll down the south bank of the River Thames. You can never get bored with the stunning architecture and iconic buildings.

London also has some fantastic markets. Borough Market is a favourite and is a real “foodie’s” paradise. At the weekend its full of tantalizing smells and colours. It hosts many types of stalls, which are overflowing with various kinds of produce. From fruit and vegetables to olive oils and cheeses, they are all displayed like pieces of artwork. Always ensure you are there for lunch! With an array of different types of food the only problem is too much choice and deciding what and how much to eat!

Kent, the ‘Garden of England’, named after it’s abundance of orchards and hop gardens. It is the stunning landscapes on offer that make it special for me. Only ever a short drive away there are colourful breathtaking scenes, sometimes the countryside can appear to go on forever. I occasionally ask myself why would you ever need to go anywhere else in the world when you have views like this?!? Whenever possible I spend weekends cycling around the countryside. It gives you such a feeling of freedom and contentment. The area has an abundance of working farms which you can visit. Every August I make a trip to a lavender farm when they begin their harvesting. I can’t resist purchasing fresh lavender and honey to enjoy at home.

Kent also has some amazing parks and castles. A place to visit on a Sunday morning whatever the weather is Knole Park in Sevenoaks. It is the only remaining medieval deer park in Kent. I love the way you can get so close to the Sika and Fallow deer that roam freely amongst the ancient beech, oak and chestnut trees. There is an abundance of wildlife with many different types of birds. In autumn the colours of the trees and foliage is just stunning. I’m never without my camera, as there is always something interesting to photograph.

Finally it has to be the ‘seaside’ as we English like to say. Brighton is a very popular town for its culture and nightlife. For me it stills stays true to being a tradition English seaside resort. With its pier, arcades full of fruit machines (Slot machines for the Americans reading this), candyfloss and chips. It has something for everyone!

Brighton’s Pier (new and old)

Thank you for visiting where I live. Please feel free to visit my blog to learn more about my life in England.

Until the next time.  Laura of Laura Grimmer Photography.


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  1. absolutely fantastic! you have made Kent sound so interesting and I love your shots, a great great post.

  2. Oh, I love borough market. I make it a "must see" everytime I visit London. I also had no idea that Kent grew Lavendar :) Great post.

  3. Thanks for sharing this - I love England so much. I didn't know there were lavender farms in England - that's something I would love to visit. Lavender is not something I typically associate with that country - I would have thought that wonderful lavender photo of yours was from Provence :)

  4. Is this Jane Austen country?? It's beautiful!

  5. What a wonderful post, Laura! If I hadn't liked the South England before I definitely would now! Great photos - makes me want to go and visit at once!

  6. Gorgeous, absolutely gorgeous! My dream came true two summers ago when my family and I went to England and this takes me back :)

  7. I want to sit in that Lavender field. sigh.

  8. After looking at your photos I'm determined to get past London next time I visit the UK

  9. My favorite place to visit! I got to go to school in London in 1985, & I've been back several times. I will be there again in June & your images have really gotten me eager to get there!

  10. i love these photos! i want to really visit england some time. i love that lavender field and the market =)

  11. sounds like a wonderful place to live--with all that within an hour or so. and the photos are wonderful