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Friday, January 21, 2011

where i live: oklahoma, usa

mission: MUSE - "where i live"
by guest muse amy

I live in Oklahoma. Now if you’re already envisioning Native Americans, wheat fields and cattle, you wouldn’t be very far off. But I live in the “big city” and as easy as it may be to step into the country around here, I’m far from a country girl. My family migrated to Oklahoma when I was little and I’ve spent most of my life in this state. I remember being teased about it from my cousins living in California (where I was born) when I was little. They all thought Oklahomans were hicks. Maybe some of us are but we’re also the nicest hicks you’ll ever meet and perhaps that’s what keeps people living here.

It’s only in recent years that I’ve seen Oklahoma as far from ordinary. Its treasures aren’t as easy to find but they’re out there waiting to be discovered. Armed with my camera, it’s my desire to bring these hidden treasures to life. I bet there’s a lot about Oklahoma that you don’t know. Like the fact that:
We have a booming city life. If you go downtown in OKC you can watch a Thunder game, visit a few art museums, catch a concert or play at the Civic Center, and eat at a variety of great restaurants.

We have “mountains”. Ok, so they’re not like 14,000 feet tall or whatever. But they are technically considered mountains and so Oklahoman’s call them that.

We have wineries. It ain’t Napa Valley, but we do have a growing amount of vineyards popping up across the state and Agritourism has become a very popular attraction.

We have lots of great lakes for recreational activities. In fact, we have the most lakes created by dams in the entire United States…more than 200.

We have the best sunsets. You haven’t seen a sunset until you’ve seen one in Oklahoma. Since we have a lot of wide open spaces, even in the city you can witness beautiful sunsets on a regular basis.

There’s much more to Oklahoma than at first meets the eye. As much as I love to travel and see the world, I always have a great feeling when I’m heading back to Oklahoma. I guess that’s what coming home should feel like.

Thanks for visiting the panhandle state with me. Y’all come back now, ya hear? :)

You can check out my blog at www.amysroad.blogspot.com and my website at www.amynickersondesign.com.


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  1. wow! love the photos! i live in oklahoma too and we do have beautiful sunsets here! maybe we can meet up for a photo walk or chat over coffee!?!

  2. oh i loved learning about your state! i drove across OK and camped out at one of the lakes on my road trip across country years ago. we had a great time and people were very friendly. i remember the long stretches around the highway and we did indeed have a beautiful sunset too!

  3. Gorgeous! I had no idea Oklahoma was so beautiful.

  4. These photos take my breath away! I agree with Jamie... I have no experience in OK, and had no clue how stunning it was!

  5. loving those pictures, beautiful!! oklahoma looks amazing!
    viele gruesse, kristina

  6. Thanks everyone! I love living in this state and discovering more and more about it. Come visit sometime! @blue elephant: I'm always up for coffee and photowalks! Contact me and we'll do it!

  7. Thanks, Amy, for such a positive view of our beautiful state!! Love your pictures.

  8. Wow! Amy, I just now saw this. It is truly amazing! You have so many talents - here and abroad. Thanks for sharing with us!

  9. Amy, these are just FABULOUS!! You've got the heart of Oklahoma. It's my adopted state, but I wouldn't trade it for anything. And what's happened in OKC through MAPS and great civic leadership is astounding!

  10. This is so great! I've always felt our state was beautiful too even though some people try to argue... they just don't know! Beautiful photos, Amy!