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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

where i live - dallas, tx, usa

where i live
by guest muse vickie

I live in Dallas , Texas . One of the best parts of living here is that I’m close to so many little country towns.  One of my favorites is Canton, which is about forty-five miles east of my house.  Canton is known for hosting First Monday Trade Days, the country’s largest flea market.  It is actually held the weekend before the first Monday of each month.  Vendors come from all over the country, and the customers are interesting enough to guarantee that I always bring my camera!  You can find antiques, books, vintage linens, bad art, junk, and priceless treasures. You can also literally walk forever, so comfortable shoes are a must!

A typical First Monday means that I leave my house early Saturday or Sunday morning, with money in hand, and my roller cart in the car trunk!  I avoid the summer months, because Texas heat, humidity and crowds just do not mix.  But, come autumn, it’s a great way to spend some time…there are always lots of holiday decorations for sale during those months.  Parts of the market are in pavilions or partially covered, but many people have simple tables or tents set up to display their goods.  If you get hungry, there’s a wide array of food:  everything from smoked turkey legs to pig-on-a-stick (grilled pork kabobs), even gumbo!

For photographers, there’s a lot of potential finds.  I like to look for old frames, as well as vintage windows and doors.  I’m currently after the perfect old chair, but I’m being picky and waiting for it to call my name.  Any or all of these things just might enhance my next photo shoot!

So if you’re ever in the area (or even if you’re not), stop by for an entertaining day!  I usually go home on the back roads, and enjoy the country scenery.

Thank you for visiting where I live. Please feel free to visit my website to see more about my life in Texas.

Vickie of Vickie Cunningham Photography


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  1. the photos are so much fun! dallas definitely has lots of things to offer!

  2. How did I live in Dallas for 2 years and not know about this.

  3. what a beautiful place and you've captured it wonderfully!