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Sunday, October 31, 2010

* muse flash*

We would like to thank everyone for your support during our 9 Days of Inspiration.
We hope all our posts and wonderful guests left you feeling INSPIRED!

and the winners are...

Day 1

"Expressive Photography" book by Shutter Sisters - Jennifer (Cardboard Sea)
  Creative Nature & Outdoor Photography, By Brenda Tharp - Vickie Cunningham

Day 2

"Favorite Flowers" postcards by Kat - Anita @ Going Coastal
  Rainbow umbrella - Emma of TreehouseJukeBox

Day 3

"Speak the Truth" print by Rachel Awes - Alison of left in front of right
  Art Print by Iro (Ivy) Nassopoulos - Holly (Soupatraveler)

Day 4

Fracture-mounted print by Mosey - Prairie Girl Studio
  "Expressive Photography" book by Shutter Sisters - Jan

Day 5

Photo-autobiography "Photo Nomad" - And Miles to Go
  "They Only Eat Their Husbands" book by Cara Lopez - Chelsea of Hearts and Scars

Day 6

"inspire" bracelet - AnnGeeDee
  Vintage Argus Seventy Five Camera - Kyria of My Eye on Things

Day 7

Nigella Lawson's cookbook "Kitchen"- Elflyn
  This Moment e-course by Mindy Tsonas - Katja Maki

Day 8

11x14 print of "dewy grass" by April - Jamie of Lyrical Journey
  Slice of Life Project e-course by Darrah Parker - Urban Muser
Day 9

5x7 archival print by Michel - Cristina
  Texture Collection #1 by Kim Klassen - Oliag

To claim your prize, send me us an email with your contact information to mortalmuses at yahoo.com.

Thank you all for musing with us!


  1. I am beyond excited about my win. Thank you all so much for doing these awesome giveaways!

  2. Holly { Soupatraveler }October 31, 2010 at 10:20 AM

    Hey No WAY! In fact, My friend Irene sent me an email this morning which was the first one I opened sharing the good news! Yippee! Thanks so much. I had so much fun this week playing along, getting inspiration, and learning so many new things!

  3. Oh Yay! I'm so happy to have won Kim's textures! I'll be taking her texture class soon! Thanks for all the inspiration!

  4. Happy day indeed! So excited to have won! Thank you all.

  5. I can't believe it - I'm doing a happy dance!

  6. I am deeply thankful to win the This Moment E-Course! Thank you so much!!!

  7. No way???
    Oh Yay!! Happy dances around the kitchen.!!!!
    Thank you so much!!!!!

  8. So excited to see that I won Kat's postcards! Thanks so much!!

  9. congratulations guys! maybe my turn will come on the next giveaway :) lol i'm still grateful for all the inspiration posts though! that really helped me out a lot :)

  10. Oh yay! I am so excited!!! It was SOO enjoyable and very inspiring to read all the posts and see all the wonderful photos!!

  11. OMG, I won the book I wanted! Doing the happy dance here in Dallas, Texas! Thank you so much!

  12. oh my!
    thank you so much, mosey and mortal muses ...
    i am quite honored ...
    and thankful!