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Friday, October 22, 2010

what inspires you? - creatissmo lab

mission: MUSE - "what inspires you?"
by guest muse jožica rade

"where i live" special edition with giveaway

One of the things that I like about living in Slovenia is the nature. The forests, the sea, the hills, the rivers, lakes and the mountains. Everything you want is there for you just in an hour or two by car if your starting point is in Ljubljana, the capital.

In the fall, the trees start to get these adorable yellowish-reddish-brownish colors that make you warm at heart and make you feel like a child again. There’s just no way to stay inside the house, the child inside you wants to go out, he wants to run into the forest where he can listen to the murmur of the wind and leaves, smells the mushrooms and looks for chestnuts… Fall is a perfect season for enjoying in the nature, for hiking and trekking and other outdoor activities.

Slovenia has many hills with great views from the top. Many hills have churches on top, so besides hiking, you can enjoy in cultural sightseeing as well.

The hill with the church Sveti Jakob (806 m) is one of the favorite hiking spots near the place where I live. If it is sunny, you can go there in every season of the year, even the winter when the hill is covered with snow.

Because of its position, it is usually sunny, even when there’s a dense fog in the valley. From the hill there are some beautiful views on the towns Medvode and Kranj,and you can even see the Alps, if it is not too cloudy.

I usually take my camera with me when I go on a hike. There is always something that catches my eye and wants to be captured as an inspiration. A little bug, a dried flower, interesting texture, gorgeous colors… - so many little details that make me happy and represent a celebration of life! I love it!

But this is only one of many hills in Medvode area and in Slovenia. The signpost at the road shows how many options you have if you start your hike in one part of Medvode, but there are many, many paths to choose from in Slovenia for many tastes.

Come and visit my blog to see other places that I’ve captured with my camera and if you ever visit Slovenia, you are welcome to contact me and we can do a photo-tour together. 

Until next time.

Jozica (Creatissimo) of Creatissimo Lab and Creatissimo in English

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  1. Your pictures of autumn are beautiful and make me want to visit Slovenia - it reminds me a little of places not that far from Vienna (which makes sense, I guess, since it isn't really that far away).

  2. Gorgeous photos and words Jozica! I need to come and go hiking with you. Soon!!

  3. One of my favorite guest posts so far. I loved getting a look at where you live. Your photos are truly inspiring.

  4. Slovenia certainly looks stunning! We've been planning on visiting, but have not yet made it. When we do, I will certainly let you know and take some photos together!

    Heading over to your blog now!



  5. Goodness me, these pictures are overwhelmingly beautiful. I definitely need to put Slovenia on the list of places to visit. Thanks for sharing.

  6. Beautiful photos. The one with the signpost is perfect! Thanks for sharing.

  7. beautiful...so far away, but you have brought your world so close today. thank you :)

  8. Such lovely shots - thanks for sharing them! And now, I'm off to plan a trip to Slovenia... if only!

  9. beautiful!! reminds me of New England in the fall. The colors of fall!!!

  10. What a beautiful place - one to add to my dream travel list

  11. What stunning landscapes. Thank-you for sharing your beautiful piece and part of the world!

  12. love the little hill with the church on top. perfect. thanks for sharing your world with us.

  13. Thanks for the nice comments :) So I see you all in Slovenia one day! ;)

  14. wow an amazing post with beautiful photos.

  15. such a beautiful place with never-ending views!

  16. The shot of the signposts is brilliant. I think the dramatic sunrises are what inspire me the most about where I live.