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Thursday, October 28, 2010

what inspires you? - wish studio

mission: MUSE: "what inspires you"
by guest muse - mindy tsonas

Written On My Heart

Living a creative life, I am always sharing my story through words, art, images and experiences. Capturing and sharing what brings me joy is an integral part of my daily practice and it both fills my well creatively and sustains my whole being personally. Creative expression is the air I breathe, the water that flows all around me, and is the place where I dwell in every moment. Though creating is only part of the equation.

Sharing who we are and what we create is where the real magic takes place, and in this brave offering therein lies the catalyst for everything in life… inspiration, togetherness, joy, healing, support, enlightenment, growth and so on. After all, a song that is written and never sung aloud is just a seed of the symphony or the chorus it could be. In everything we create with our hands, our actions, our minds there is potential, and this potential can never be realized until we send that possibility out beyond our grasp.

Often I find myself walking a fine line of keeping close to me what is most precious and private, and offering to the world what might be meaningful, enriching and touch the hearts of others (though it’s all meaningful, really). There is a deep trust in knowing that all of the human experience is really universal. I try to remember that what I encounter in my own life might be what helps to shake loose and tumble free happiness, discovery or validation in another. So I create and I share and I pour myself into this virtuous circle of giving and always receiving.

Here I offer you what is written on my heart today, in this fleeting but expansive moment of every possibility.

Can you feel it?… What will you create and share?

Leave me a comment and be entered to win one free registration to my very first ecourse THIS moment which launches in November of 2010.

Thank you for inviting me to muse with you.

- Mindy

A contemporary bohemian, Mindy Tsonas is the founder and Creative Director of the wishstudio where she loves to craft unique ideas that bring people together and inspire them to embrace the very best in themselves and in one another.


live the life of your dreams by loving the life you have
november 15 – december 16th, 2010
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THIS Moment will take you on an eye opening, heart spilling, and meaningfully creative journey!  the 5 week ecourse includes:
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  • accompanying daily downloads, which will become the pages of your very own THIS moment Workbook,  with prompts for you to scribble words, make messy and meaningful art, as well as practices and creative projects to help keep you focused on the true beauty of your life… right here, right now.
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  1. Your words are amazing Mindy! Thanks so much for sharing. Your words remind me of the delicate balance, between vulnerability and strength, that we must seek to achieve.

  2. wow, beautiful words and very inspiring.

  3. Well said - the balance between vulnerability and strength. I'm constantly walking the line trying to find the balance of those. This class sounds amazing.

  4. wonderful words Mindy esp. -"So I create and I share and I pour myself into this virtuous circle of giving and always receiving." really resonates with me today :) thank you!

  5. I feel like this was a personal message for me - I struggle so much with wanting to share and wanting to keep work personal. I think I'm winning the battle thanks to a supportive online community.

  6. What a gift that would be to win a spot in the class!

  7. sounds like a wonderful class. and the artwork is great-love all those layers

  8. Yes Mindy I can feel your inspiration and love. Thank you! I hope to create a more loving meaningful life where I can share myself and my creations more readily.

  9. Thank you for musing with us Mindy! You are an inspiration to us all.

  10. thanks so much for having me :) the spirit of this community is so very beautiful! i appreciate every kind word here... truly. good luck every one! xo

  11. So very inspiring mindy. That is a wonderful reminder that there is a cycle of not just giving, but receiving also. I'm a firm believer that what you put out into the world will come back to you.
    Thank you so much for musing with us.

  12. Holly { Soupatraveler }October 29, 2010 at 12:24 AM

    wow, such a beautiful post. i love that you wrote about both giving of yourself and receiving. very important reminders.

  13. Wow, this sounds like a lot of fun and a great way to keep photography in my life during a busy time.