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Friday, October 8, 2010

where i live - minnesota, usa

mission: MUSE - "where i live"
by guest muse alison

Minnesota: An Autumn Manifesto

I love snow. Autumn shows up and it's all I can do to not sit by the window waiting for the dark storm clouds to roll in. Sure, we're not likely to get hit with anything anytime soon, but a girl can dream! Wrapping up in layer upon layer of cozy sweaters, sipping another mug of steaming hot cocoa, cuddling up with a good book in front of the fire... And then there's the fast slide down a steep hill, gliding smoothly on skis through a quiet forest, the weave of snowshoes stepping gently on top of the snow pack...

Here in Minnesota we talk about it with varying forms of anticipation. Some dread the driving. Others are concerned about the icy sidewalks. Me, I'm dreaming of big, thick, wet flakes falling silently on my street, my breath fogging the window as I sit still for more than a moment to watch, to wait, to breathe, to anticipate. Knowing the crystalline air that cracks when you take it in will make the world shine when the snow is done falling.

Winter is stillness for me. And if winter is stillness, then the busy-ness of autumn is in preparation for that coming quiet. Autumn is that steady hum of preparation. Autumn is, after all, almost winter.

Thank you for visiting where I live. Please feel free to visit my blog to learn more about my life in Minnesota.

Until next time! Alison of left in front of right... good and now the other.

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  1. gorgeous photos! I do not have a love for snow, but the way you put it I do feel a twinge of envy and it brought back fond memories of that crunch that you can only feel from having snow under your boots. great job!

  2. that's just the way i felt living in the snow belt in vermont, and why i stay living in new england. i want to experience every season, in all it's glory! thanks for showing us a bit of your world.

  3. Those snowy eyelashes make me giggle everytime I see them. Makes me miss the snow, even for just a weekend.

  4. I so wish I had your love of snow, it would make the coming winter so much more enjoyable.

  5. How lovely, it is fun to learn that you love winter so much!

  6. this reminds me of canada! love the photos!

  7. While I can enjoy your enthusiasm for the snow and appreciate the beauty of it ~ for me? I'd rather be in my flip-flops in the sun and heat. :)
    Thanks for sharing part of your world with us.
    ♥ maureen

  8. LOvely trip up north--thanks for sharing!