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Thursday, October 28, 2010

what inspires you? - write pink!

mission: MUSE
by guest melissa

Where do you see or find inspiration?

This month, I am seeing inspiration in the color pink. In the strong women who have taken the rather effeminate and dare I say weak color pink and turned it into a powerful Army of Women.

I have read their stories of Love and Strength.

I have been inspired by the stories of mothers, grandmothers, and sisters.

These strong Pink Warriors have shown me how to laugh through the tears.  How the power of many women coming together and standing strong can change the course of our furture.

I see pink and I am inspired. How about you?

Want to be inspired? Follow the links, there are giveaways attached to all of them as part of Bigger Picture Blogs Write Pink! Are you a survivor or has one inspired you? We are sharing our survivor stories Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, on Thursday we are hosting a link up so you can share your stories and tributes.

Leave me comment for an extra chance to win a spot in Mindy's ecourse at Wish Studio (see post from earlier today) and visit Bigger Picture Blogs for a chance to win a gift from The Vintage Pearl.


Melissa is the co-founder of Bigger Picture Blogs, blogs at Peanut Butter in my Hair, and is a contributor to the just released book "From the Heart" - A Collection of Stories and Poems from the Front Lines of Parenting available through Write for Charity.


The Dr. Susan Love Research Foundation and the Avon Foundation for Women, a global leader in breast cancer research, joined forces to launch the Love/Avon Army of Women.

We encourage you to spread the word about this wonderful project, support the wonderful ladies at Write Pink!, purchase and proudly wear the Beyond a Cure Pendant available for only $5 at Army of Women.


  1. I think it is so scary that breast cancer has become so common. But all these stories are so inspirational and it is so wonderful that there is such a level of awareness that seems to continue to grow. My grandmother and aunt are both breast cancer survivors, and I am a Leukemia survivor. So it is something that is very dear to me.

  2. Thanks for sharing all those links. I admire the survivors and the work you are doing!

  3. Thanks for the reminder of how precious our time is...

  4. Would love a spot in Mindy's course!!!! And cancer SUCKS.